Name Of the organization Shall be Australia Pakistan Chamber Of Commerce hereinafter Referred to as the “Chamber”.


Object Of the Chamber Shall be:

  1. To foster two way trade between Pakistan & Australia.
  2. To offer recommendations in drafting of agreements between Pakistan & Australia and to review regularly matters arising from such agreements.
  3. To assist in formation of a counterpart to this Chamber in Pakistan and to maintain regular contact with such body in mutual interest of members thereof.
  4. To develop a better cultural & social climate between Australia & Pakistan and to foster mutual investments between two countries.
  5. To assist in matters affecting improved liaison between two countries such as education, tourism, shipping and matters of international importance.
  6. To do all other lawful things conducive to maintenance of aims & objects as afforested.


Notwithstanding anything to the contrary implied or expressed Australia – Pakistan Chamber of Commerce shall be a non-profit organization.


Membership shall be open in one of three categories as follows:

  1. Ordinary membership: – shall be open to any individual or organization of good standing, interested in promotion of trade, investment, services, cultural relations for tourism between Pakistan & Australia subject to determination of eligibility.
  2. Honorary Life membership: – May, by resolution of Management Committee, be conferred upon any individual who has rendered long distinguished service to the Chamber, or contributed in an outstanding manner to its progress.
  3. Temporary Honorary Membership: – May at the discretion of the Management committee, be conferred upon a Pakistani visitor to Australia whose interests coincide with those of the Chamber, or upon an Australian resident who is temporarily engaged inperformance of a function which advances aims and objects of the Chamber. The Executive Officer or Secretary shall keep a roll of members showing their names, addresses etc., and date of joining. Consul General of Pakistan, Sydney or his authorised representative shall be an ex-officio member of Management.


Management of the Chamber may be vested in a Committee, known as Management Committee consisting of 12 members, as shall be elected at Annual General Meeting.
All members of Management Committee shall retire after holding office for 12 months but shall be eligible for re – election at next Annual General Meeting. Management Committee may fill a casual vacancy occurring on the Management Committee. Any members so appointed shall hold office until next Annual General Meeting but shall then be eligible for election to Management Committee.


Office Bearers shall consist of a President, immediate Past President, Vice President, General Secretary, Treasurer and Public Officer who shall be appointed from Management Committee at first Management Committee meeting following Annual General Meeting.


Management Committee may appoint following sub – committees:

  1. Trade Sub – Committee.
  2. Investment Promotion Sub – Committee.
  3. Publicity Sub – Committee
  4. Membership Sub – Committee
  5. Constitutional Sub – Committee

And such other Sub – Committee as it shall deem efficacious, provided that

  1. No decision of any Sub – Committee shall be binding on the Chamber unless Management Committee shall ratify such decision.
  2. The Chairman of any Sub – Committee shall be a member pro – tem of Management Committee.


The Annual General Meeting shall be held in January each year. Business of Annual General Meeting shall be:

  1. Presentation of President’s Annual Report.
  2. Presentation of Audited Balance Sheet.
  3. ection of Management Committee.
  4. Notices of Motion.
  5. The Chair may permit such other business as.

The President shall act as Chairman of the Annual General Meeting or in his absence one of the Vice Presidents in order of seniority.


A special or extra – ordinary General Meeting may be held at direction of the President or shall be called by General Secretary on receipt of written request of any 12 members. Such request, provided members shall have 14 clear days’ notice of Secretary’s intention to call such Meeting, specifying date, time location and purpose of such meeting.


  1. General Meetings: Members shall have one vote each. A decision shall not be effective unless majority of members present in person or by proxy and entitled to vote, have voted in favour resolution. The Chairman shall have a deliberate vote only.
  2. Management Committee Meetings: A decision by Management Committee shall not be effective unless two thirds of members present in person or by proxy and entitled to vote, have voted in favour of resolution. Chairman shall have a deliberative vote only.


Quorum for a General Meeting shall be 10 members present at appointed time. Quorum for a Management Committee meeting shall be 5 members inclusive of ex – officio member.



    Fourteen clear days notice shall be given by Secretary of intention
    convening of meeting.


    A notice of Motion must be circulated to all members at least 10 days
    prior to date of meeting. In this connection proved posted shall be
    deemed received.


    The Chamber’s financial year shall commence on 1st of January and shall
    conclude on the 30th of December each year.

  4. DUES

    The annual subscription of Membership until otherwise determined shall
    be $100 for each individual and corporate member $200. A pro-rata rate
    will be offered to members joining after the start of the financial year.
    Dues shall be determined at each Annual General Meeting.

  5. FUNDS

    The funds of the Chamber shall be banked in the name of the AustraliaPakistan
    Chamber of Commerce, with any one of the President of VicePresident
    together with Secretary or Treasurer or Executive Officer
    authorized as signatories to operate the funds.

  7. Accounts and budgets shall be presented and approved at a Management
    Committee Meeting and approvals of expenditure shall be included in the
    minutes of such Meeting.


    Auditor shall be a person or firm qualified to act as Auditor/s appointed
    at the Annual General Meeting and shall be required to examine all
    accounts, vouchers, receipts, books etc., and furnish a report to the
    Annual General Meeting.


    The Management Committee may, at its discretion, appoint a Secretariat
    to handle day to day administration of the Chamber’s affairs on a national
    basis, provided that the Secretariat shall be responsible to Management


    Honoraria may be paid at the discretion of the Management Committee to
    members of the Management Committee for out-of-pocket expenses.


    Rules may be amended only by resolution of Annual General Meeting or a
    Special General Meeting convened for that purpose of which 14 clear
    notices, as aforesaid, shall be given. Any notice of amendment to Rules
    shall be circulated 10 clear days before the meeting.


    Australia-Pakistan Chamber of Commerce shall be dissolved in event of
    membership being less then three persons or upon vote of 75% of
    members present at Special Meeting convened to consider such a
    question. Upon dissolution, assets and funds on hand, shall either (i) after
    payment of all expenses and liabilities be handed over to such registered
    or exempted charities as a majority of members present at Genera
    Meeting may decide, or (ii) in the case of dissolution followed by
    continuation of activities by a like body with similar objectives and rules,
    the assets of the Chamber may be transferred to the ongoing like body.